About Plains Church

Rooted in history and growing a vision for the future, Plains Church is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our FoundationsThe PCA

About Plains Church

About Plains

The Foundations of Our Faith

The Bible

You will find the Holy Bible central and preeminent in the teaching, worship, and life of Plains Church. We hold that the Bible is:

  • God’s Word, given to mankind through God’s servants, inspired by God Himself, and containing His revelation of Himself and His plan and means of salvation to mankind, inerrant and to be wholly trusted.
  • God’s Authority, not resting on the testimony of men, or even of the Church, but embude with authenticity and power from God Himself as its author.
  • God’s Revelation, teaching us everything that we need to know regarding His glory, our salvation, and the way that He wants us to live.

Confessions and Creeds

The important Confessions and Creeds of historical Christianity are documents that were penned in ages past by godly men as the church prayerfully sought out understanding of the teachings of the Bible. These documents are subordinate to the Bible and are useful only insofar as they support and illuminate the message of Scripture. There are several that we consider to be important.

For more information on the place of the Confessions and Creeds, you may like to read these two excellent articles at the Ligonier Ministries website. (These links will open into a new window.)

A Member of

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Plains is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), an historical bibicaly based Christian denomination in the Reformed Presbyterian tradition. The PCA was formed in 1973 with the vision of being “Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed Faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission.”

  • We are an evangelical denomination, proclaiming the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We are a reformed denomination in that we believe in the biblical truth proclaimed during the Protestant Reformation. The Word of God, rather than tradition, is the only guide for the Church. God alone saves through grace.
  • We believe the system of doctrine taught in the Bible is summarized well in the Westminster Confession of Faith with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.
  • Our churches have a representative form of church government, each church overseen by a Session comprised of elders (i.e., presbyters) elected by the members of the congregation.