Worship FAQs

Sometimes people are a bit uncertain about visiting a church because they are not sure of what the church culture is like. You may have questions like:

  • Will you sing songs that I know?
  • Will I be able to understand and follow the order of worship?
  • How should I dress?

Worship is Our Priority

we consider every aspect of our Sunday morning experience to be worship, from the preaching of the Word, to the observance of the sacraments, to congregational prayer and singing.

In our musical worship, we mostly sing hymns. While we don’t claim that hymns hold an exclusive place in worship, we find that the great hymns of Christendom have become great because they edify both spirit and mind while glorifying God in lyric and melody.

The order of worship is easy to follow. We have printed bulletins for each service that allow you to follow what is happening. We want you to feel welcome to worship with us. We love God, and we’re excited about sharing that love with others, whether you have placed your faith in Christ or are just starting to think about your need for a saviour. Please come and join us.

God’s People, God’s House

Rest assured that you are welcome at Plains PCA as you are. This is God’s house, and you will find God’s people in it. Our arms are open.

If you have concerns in regards to dress, all we ask is that, out of respect for the nature of a house of worship, you observe normal standards of modesty and propriety. There is no formal dress code, and no one is expected to look any certain way. Come comfortable. We think that it’s more important that your heart be prepared to receive from the ministry of the Word and to fellowship with the saints.

Ask Us…

If you have any questions about worship at Plains (or any other aspect of Plains Church), please contact our church office or directly email one of our pastors.